My Best Imaginary Friend

You showed me womanhoodFrom the first day we became friendsI knew you were real, yet it felt so unrealYour words were blunt yet so soothingMy imaginary friend I wake up to hear from you,To see you, and I smileKnowing you make me feel indeed a womanNot just a mere woman, but a beautiful queenMy imaginary friend He says, it’s not your hairNot how you wear it, but how you rock everydayHe makes me feel special as a black womanBecause that’s the least I getMy imaginary friend Not a day goes by, my most devastated daysAnd yet he still tells me how beautiful I amHe believes in me, and stops me when I useThe words if, because he knows I hate itMy imaginary friend He is my friend, my best friendOne I can trustOne I can get mad at, but not for longOne I can say God sent our waysMy imaginary friend To heal me of the brokenTo remind me how strong I amAnd deserving I would forever be.The world can separate us, but we will forever beMy imaginary friend.
Written by Ruby Karyo

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