Catch me If You Can

Fearless with a purpose
I have failed and failed but whats worth a smile? Just smile. I feel failed sometimes, like I am not achieving more than I can. I have failed in lots of ways. I say to myself; the imminent death of someone is not really death if they’d still alive. I have been close to the moments of death but my faith in God only kept me going and that faith still lives in me. I am subject to a fault, we’ve all made mistakes, but what is a man without his word. It is like a bird without wings, without your word, your importance is not needed in the world.
Everyone has a purpose in life and it’s up to us to live up to the moments we can always cherish. I used to be hurt and disparaged. I used to have the feelings of who to forgive and who to love. The things to let go and create a better environment for new beginnings. I was constantly reminding myself that; it is hard work to let go of that distress. Then I remember who I was, who I am when the clouds were bright before my eyes. The dreams were never shattered, it only brought closure. A closure I have never seen so real, something I would never have sworn would have made me the strongest woman I can be. I am loved, I am without love and love does not understand who I am.
I am blind to see beyond what love actually feels like, because I have been hurt so many times it feels like, every time I try the wind blows right back into my face. At this moment in my life, I have made a decision to disregard any negativity that does not serve my purpose especially if I am not going to be talking about it for the rest of my life, then it’s not important to talk about it in my present. The moment you let go, the moment you realize how free you are, how magnificent life can be without the slightest doubt that everything works out for its own good. The shadows you walk on, are the same shadows that you will look back to. Anything in life worth having is worth sacrificing for.
Who are you? What is your purpose? And what is your blueprint? It took me twenty-nine good years to finally realize there is no way in hell you can change someone especially if they are not willing to even try. It is hard to imagine it would take so long to realize that, I guess I had to learn it the hard way. I cannot keep secrets, the only secret I know is my dreams, my goals and career. I am not your life story; you are your life story. Everything we do, we shall surely rip. So, before you think you are winning by doing someone harm, applaud the person you are hurting, look back and watch God. A quote by Coco Chanel, she said; the most courageous act is to think for yourself. When you think for others, you will always end up with pre-judgement and most often you are definitely wrong. Written by Ruby Karyo

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